Innovative Learning CLassroom Building leadership

The Innovative Learning Classroom Building (ILCB) is supported by leadership from the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Office for Academic Innovation, and Instructional Media Services.

Departmental Leadership

  Dr. Debra FowlerDr. Jocelyn Widmer   Regina Greenwood

Featured: (Left to right)

Debra Fowler, Center for Teaching Excellence; Jocelyn Widmer, Office for Academic Innovation; and Regina Greenwood, Instructional Media Services.

Center for Teaching Excellence

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) supports Texas A&M University’s educational mission by forging partnerships to inspire and sustain faculty, student, and organizational transformation through innovative, dynamic, and inclusive learning design guided by evidence-based practices. In addition, the CTE supports curriculum focused teaching and learning. Examples include, but are not limited to: course design, student engagement, universal design in learning, difficult dialogues, preparing to teach in today's classroom, curriculum redesign, course assessments, etc.

For faculty development opportunities or additional inquiries, email

Office for Academic Innovation

The Office for Academic Innovation is committed to inspiring innovation in line with Texas A&M University’s strategic focus on transformational teaching and learning. We seek to impact student learning by creating: pathways for improved student retention in an era of digitally-native students; pathways for delivery supported by the diverse education technology landscape; and pathways for enrollment that are designed to be accessible to students across the state of Texas, nation and world.
The Office for Academic Innovation supports Texas A&M University’s state-of-the-art digital learning environment through Canvas, Zoom, and a growing collection of third-party tools, all of which can be leveraged from the classrooms in the Innovative Learning Classroom Building.
We encourage you to explore our on-demand resources, live training opportunities, and support channels for all of your digital learning environment needs. Please email for additional inquires.


Instructional Media Services

Instructional Media Services (IMS) strives to enhance the classroom teaching experience for the faculty and students through the use of multimedia equipment in the Registrar Maintained Classrooms at TAMU. Our role is to provide consistency, based on the most common multimedia equipment needs, throughout classrooms at TAMU so that the faculty and students can feel comfortable with the technology provided. In order to fulfill this task, IMS installs computers and multimedia equipment, as well as maintains, develops, programs, and refines the equipment and systems under their control.

For additional inquires, please visit the ILCB Media Center in Room 312 or contact them by phone at 979-845-0094 or email at